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Electric IC Gallery

Here are some integrated circuits that have been designed using Electric. If you have created a chip and can release a photo or other description of it, let us know.

An intelligent bi-directional level shifter that can be programmed for any input/output combination from 1.5V to 5V. Used to interface legacy 5V hardware to newer processor and FPGA technology. Designed by Allen Litton of Celeritous Technical Services.

A 10-bit data multiplexor manufactured in a SiGe BiCMOS process. Designed by Bertie Kemp. Used Electric for design, layout, LVS and interfacing (GDSII, EDIF, SPICE, SILOS and various forms of hard copy).

A test chip to extract wire models. Designed by the Asynchronous Design Group of Sun Microsystems.

A test chip to measure on-chip and inter-chip capacitance structures. Designed by the Asynchronous Design Group of Sun Microsystems. The Electric libraries for this chip can be downloaded here.

The Sun OpenSPARC T1 chip floorplan.

A 32-bit MIPS mircoprocessor designed by students at Harvey Mudd College. The Electric libraries are available for both the microprocessor and its associated Standard Cell Library.