Chapter 1: Introduction
1-5: Plug-Ins

Electric plug-ins are additional pieces of code that can be downloaded separately to enhance the system's functionality. If you are building from the repository, then all of these plug-ins are already available. If, however, you are running from the GNU download, then these plugins are not present and must be downloaded separately.

Currently, these plug-ins are available:

To attach a plugin, it must be in the CLASSPATH. The simplest way to do that is to invoke Electric from the command line, and specify the classpath. For example, to add the beanshell (a file named "bsh-2.0b1.jar"), type:
    java -classpath electric.jar:bsh-2.0b1.jar com.sun.electric.Launcher
Note that you must explicitly mention the main Electric class (com.sun.electric.Launcher) when using plug-ins since all of the jar files are grouped together as the "classpath".

On Windows, you must use the ";" to separate jar files, and you might also have to quote the collection since ";" separates commands:
    java -classpath "electric.jar;bsh-2.0b1.jar" com.sun.electric.Launcher
The above text can be placed into a ".bat" file to make a double-clickable Electric launch. You can also add Java switches and special Electric controls mentioned in Section 1-3. For example, to add in the SFS extension and extend the memory to 1GB, you can put this line in the ".bat" file:
    java -classpath "electric.jar;electricSFS.jar" -mx1000m

To find out which plugins are installed, click the "Plugins" button in the "About Electric..." dialog (in menu Help).

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